Creative Radio Ad Scripts at the Click of a Mouse!

At Cook Creative Copywriting, we offer all the advantages of an award-winning copy department at a fraction of the cost. Just send your notes to us, and we will provide creative copy, fast, fresh and ready to record! We’ve been doing this for dozens of stations just like yours since 1993! That’s more than 60,000 scripts, lovingly created one at a time. We know this because we’ve been counting!

Cook Creative offers market exclusivity.


Creative ideas on demand

Simply email your copy notes, and we’ll create fresh, unique scripts from the ground up.

Ready when you need it

Always on time. 24-hour and Friday-to-Monday turnaround. Same-day available upon request!

Helping hand or permanent solution

Cut costs, streamline operations, get an extra selling “edge.” Keep your sales staff out in the field!

Flexible and affordable

There are no weekly minimum requirements or maximum limits. Weekly tallies, monthly billing.

Radio Commercial Script Writing Service

Who Needs It?

  • Stations that would rather have their salespeople on the street selling instead of in the office writing.
  • Stations looking to cut costs and streamline operations.
  • Stations and/or salespeople looking for an extra selling “edge.”
  • Stations with copy loads too heavy for existing personnel.
  • Stations looking for temporary help during illness, vacations, or maternity leaves.

So Much WIN

  • Scripts are UNIQUE, written lovingly–from scratch–for YOUR radio station.
  • The cost is WELL BELOW what you would pay an on-staff copywriter with similar background and experience.
  • All the benefits of a copy department without the overhead! No taxes, matching FICA, or benefits.
  • We’re always ready with new and exciting ideas…we’re not pulling airshifts or calling on clients. This is what we do.
  • You may send as many jobs or as few as you like…or none at all.

Rates and Info

Here are the rates and policies, in black and white. If you’re the boss, pat yourself on the back. If you’re not, please get some mileage out of our good news. This could be your ticket out of cubicle land.


Markets #1-25 $25 per spot
Markets #26-75 $20 per spot
Markets #76-125 $17 per spot
Markets #126+ $15 per spot

Same-day turnaround is available upon request, at twice the regular price. Contract rates are available upon request.


  • Rewrites are free if Cook Creative is at fault. If the client changes the original content of the ad, each rewrite will count as 1/2 spot.
  • Simple updates (Starts Friday, Ends Today, etc.) are free.
  • Any event or promotion that requires a different commercial with different facts provided for each day, will be assessed as many commercials as it takes to get the job done correctly.
  • 24-hour, and Friday-to-Monday turnaround are in effect. In cases where the salesperson has designated a later “date needed,” Cook Creative will return completed copy on or before the designated date.

Your Freelance Radio Copywriters

Nancy Cook

Nancy earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Norwegian from St. Olaf College in Northfield,MN.

Nancy spent 13 years in the Creative Department at WEAU-TV in Eau Claire, WI — including 8 as Creative Director — and now spends most of her days, nights, and weekends in front of her computer at Cook Creative.

So far during her career, Nancy has collected 20 Addys and 11 Wisconsin Broadcasters Awards.

In her leisure time, Nancy performs in pit orchestras for various community theatre musicals, with over 100 shows on her resume. She’s also part of the Trillium Flutes quartet, and makes long Wisconsin winters a little shorter by heating up the lanes in her bowling league.

Jeg likke a skrive! (That’s Norwegian for “I like to write”…or so she says.)

Michael Cook

Mike started his radio career in 1970 as an announcer in Toledo, Ohio, and worked at various stations… including a stint as a “Good Guy” at legendary station WOHO.

Over the past 5 decades, Mike has worked as a Creative Director, Production Director, and/or Program Director at stations including WIXX in Green Bay, WI…WAXX in Eau Claire, WI…and WDEZ in Wausau, WI.

In 1992, he started Cook Creative..and the rest–as they say–is history.

Over the years, Mike has collected 3 Clios, 13 Addys, and 6 Wisconsin Broadcasters Awards.

Mike is also a professional actor/director having appeared in more than 100 theatre productions, films including “North Country,” “Stranger Than Fiction,” and “Wilson” and TV shows like “Prison Break,” “In an Instant” and “The Last Pope.”

Happy Clients SPEAK!

What Are You Waiting For?

We hope you’ll forgive us this one cliche: With rates like this, you can’t afford NOT to try Cook Creative Copywriting! Call us today, before your competition does. (Okay, TWO cliches.)

It’s a free country, but why not fish around for a loose project or two and give Cook Creative Copywriting a shot? Go ahead, take a chance. Take the CREDIT. We’ll take the cash and call it square.

Oh, and thanks for coming.

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